Adobe Photoshop CS6 Shape Layers: Editing Stroke and Fill

How to edit the stroke and fill of Photoshop CS6 shape layers.

15 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop CS6 Shape Layers: Editing Stroke and Fill

  1. Thanks but I am trying and trying to activate my stroke (on a custom shape ) and it just won't activate??? i have the layer selected and the stroke and the custom shape tool….what am I missing??  I'v been trying for hours!!!

  2. Im havving an annoying problem that outside stroke works fine but as soon as i click 'inside' (no matter how many px) it covers the whole object (like a fill) rather than just outline it, can anyone help?

  3. After creating a shape the options can be set. But after a shape has been created there does not appear to be any way to bring the color options back. Nothing brings the edit options and selecting or double clicking the shape does not help.

  4. i fill in my shapes with neon colors but they are coming out as Spring or pastel colors instead. For instance, i picked neon orange but the colors are coming out as light brown. Any suggestions?

  5. Are you using Photoshop CS6? If so, you can make a transparent circle by creating a circle shape layer, setting the fill to None, and setting the stroke to a solid color. Type 10 px into the stroke weight field in order to get the width you want. Let me know if you're still running into problems and I'll see what I can do.

  6. I am trying to figure out how to make a transparent circle with a 10 pixels border. I have watched the first few minutes of this video several times, each time going back to Photoshop and trying to use the information. I am still unsuccessful.

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