BattleField 2 Revive: Linux/Ubuntu Installation – Updated

BattleField 2 Revive Linux/Ubuntu Installation

**Update** information provided by S_h_a_r_k_93
Please use this guide to install the game

This is how you can play BF 2 online, yes you can play multiplayer

I apologize if the audio is off sync, as usual pulseaudio corrupted the audio, good thing i was recording with other machine as well and had to manually sync the audio. It’s 2016 and we still have audio issues under linux 🙁

I tested…

5 thoughts on “BattleField 2 Revive: Linux/Ubuntu Installation – Updated

  1. Hello Levan,

    at 7:39 would you mind adding an annotation a card that BF2RG.exe is outdated and shall not be used anymore (please write it in the video description as well, when you provide the link to thread #9799).

    Then most importantly at 7:59 please add an annotation a card to pause the video, follow the steps here starting from cd "${WINEPREFIX}… and then resuming the video, creating the shortcut to BF2.exe instead of BF2RG.exe?

    The rest of the guide is still correct; the problem is that we have a new executable file as well as a small 3MB patch to apply (, it's mainly HD pictures). The BF2-prod.exe file being the key thing in here, otherwise the whole thing won't work:

    Also if you come back to the Forum and you would like to edit your tutorial (thread id=14194) please send me a message on before doing it because there will be some issues that I need to discuss with you. 🙂

    With best regards, Moderator S_h_a_r_k_93

    EDIT: Actually with YouTube cards you can't do shit, uff! I think you will have to put a big "UPDATE" or "NOTICE" at the beginning of the description, with the informations I have given you. Thank you for understanding.

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