Best Free Audio Editing Software (Free Audio Recording Software for PC, Mac and Linux)

The best free audio editing software for Windows, Mac and Linux machines. If you want free audio recording software that is cross platform compatible check out my top list of free audio editors.

Free audio editors featured in this video include:




▶ ◀ ? Adobe Audition Presets! ? The audio presets I use.

▶ ◀ Find out…

11 thoughts on “Best Free Audio Editing Software (Free Audio Recording Software for PC, Mac and Linux)

  1. wow, kind of bad video you got here.. comparing two daws (meaning, sequencing/midi functions included) and audio editor (audacity)… it's like apples and oranges. They are both fruit, but still totally different.

    would be better if all of them where daws (think: Lmms, Ardour, Garage Band, the new cakewalk, etc etc), or all of them where audio editors (only audio editing, nothing else, like audacity)

  2. I believe Pro Tools still offers their free, entry level version "Pro Tools First".
    They do make you jump through a bunch of registration hoops but it's very impressive.
    I still like Audacity. It's better now that we can load some VST plugins without the VST enabler. Plugins make every DAW infinitely better and there are some great free ones out there.

    Density MKIII is an amazing comp/limiter and is still free from Variety of Sound.
    ThrillseekerXTC and BootEQmkII round out that combo for pro level (and free) VST vocal processing.

  3. +Mike Russell I want you to know that I am using Adobe Audition and Audacity. I find Audacity to be good for those quick edits, while Audition goes further with your edit. Love your vids and casts. We will be doing business real soon.

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