Destination Linux EP98 – Down With The Sickness – Hosted by Zeb, Noah, Michael & Ryan

On this episode of Destination Linux, we are joined by Liam for our monthly segment to discuss the month’s biggest topics in Linux Gaming. We talk about the latest releases from distros like Slax, Raspbian, deepin and even a beta from Red Hat. Linus comments on some performance issues with the 4.20 kernel. We also talk about some hardware news from Raspberry Pi and AMD. All that and much more including…

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    I kind of disagree that that would be a sign for them meaning it serious, because I think I looked at the numbers, and I think they make more money with Office than with Windows.

    So it could be soon a strategy to ditch windows to some degree and totaly in the long term, if they can strengthen / keep their Office monopoly. It's hard to say anything they could do that I would trust them, because I don't believe that ever happens, if you did bad stuff you never come back from that. I can't think of any company that did bad things in the past and then became a great company. Except maybe after a big event like WW2.

    I seen it with small 1 man companies that build (partially) proprietary software and then actually really converted it to opensource but even there I nearly lost any believe. Like as example Offi:

    But I just thought about something that would at least be a first big step. Opensource DX and help porting it to linux or get it working better through vulkan, maybe even ditching DX12 and settle for vulkan. THAT would be a real step that would make me rethink them.

  2. I think it was a bit unfair framing to say that AMD is just for people that play around of what Noah said, it sounds like

    1. that was extremely bad, that a 1 day old graphic card don't work out of the box 5 years ago that would be the absolute standard, that people get so pissed about that shows how much process was since then, that they believe that get everything run perfectly on day one.

    2. it is the big exception, that probably the first card that happend the last 7 years or so. He makes it sound like that's stuff that just happen all the time with amd hardware. Maybe he has a similar experience if you says to people that they should use ubuntu and then even if they use the newest version they have probably a 1 year old kernel which is fine for the Nvidia Blob because the driver is not in the kernel and therefor a to new kernel can become the problem if the ABI changes and this few nvidia amateurs of course can't keep up with the kernel development.

    That's basically why I use sometimes Nvidia-Linux as synonym for Ubuntu, because it's 2 different worlds. New kernels / recent systems for amd and very old versions for nvidia. Heck as far as I know Nvidia can till this day not run wayland. A major issue but of course AMD is the Toy plattform not Nvidia? ๐Ÿ˜€

    3. We had that also with Intel:
    it happens.

    probably factor 100 to 1000 more users run into that bug because it's about a IGP and not a high priced video card that very few people will buy, especially because it's a rebrand of a rebrand, not a very interesting card in the first place.

    Also Noah should give AMD another try, they driver got better year after year, and yes they needed like 10 years to get it mostly right, but they have very little to no regressions, which can't be said for nvidia.

    If you buy each year a new graphics card for 1000 dollars stick with Nvidia but if you use gpus longer, chances are that AMD is better. Because the normal nvidia Driver also has many issues, but if you get to the legacy state your experince starts to suck more and more, while the driver support for Nvidia gpus only gets better and better even after many years. Also it not only gets better and better it nearly accelerates it rates to do that, they hired more people over the years recently 2 guys or so, and valve goes nuts to send them patches and stuff.

    So you not only bet on amd but valve pays devs to make it better. And their blob driver is actually no real complete driver it more like a additional model, so the devs from that driver more and more also write patches to the opensource drivers.

    It used to be that the free drivers were kind of great for most stuff super stable and problem free but they were slow for 3d stuff compared to nvidia now nvidia not even has that ahead of them.

    Sure you should threat them like all hardware in linux you don't blindly buy new hardware for linux. Even if I buy a Intel thinkpad probably one of the best linux supported notebooks out there, because I think Redhat used their harware, I google before I buy one and lookup what the problems could be. You will run into many problems if you blindly buy hardware non gpu related with linux and you drive better to not buy extremely new hardware with linux generally.

    Especially if you use some very old linux version like ubuntu with very old kernels.

  3. What are they talking about? I live near Los Angeles and we have two choices, At&t and Spectrum cable. So slow dsl service with data caps or cable where they charge quite a bit.

  4. With reference to ISP competition, there IS competition in Europe, I live in a semi-rural area and have a choice of 4 ISP's , the infrastructure company MUST offer equivalent access to all ISP's. That is true net neutrality.

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