EB’s Linux LIVE #1 Peppermint 9 For Everyone

Hi all welcome to my LIVE streams where everyone is welcome covering Linux & my favourite games all shared with you with much luv. Please feel free to enjoy yourself in LIVE chat and on the Discord server. Donations to support me can be made via the link in chat and you have my sincere thanks.

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/windowshelpguy2015

Click my link to play War Thunder for free : http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_70654315

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8 thoughts on “EB’s Linux LIVE #1 Peppermint 9 For Everyone

  1. i have find something out ,,, peppermint is the best , i running for the first time on real hardware peppermint and i must say honest i dont switch anymore , amazing .. i run it on 32gb of ram and it run under 354mb of rams it flying … everything is just working very good , my nivida drivers , and its the only distro that run openshot 2.4.3dev1 and blender with no crashing very happy , i run on it vmware 15.2 amazing peppermint .

  2. For your knowledge EB i allways set up manual Partitions on disk as i install a Linux base OS. been doind that after the first time i used Ubuntu. Just let people know that theres a thing called "Safe Boot" in some BIOS. That has to be turned off to get Linux to run whitout any hassles…

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