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Red Hat Training video showing the importance of relatime and barrier mount options in /etc/fstab. Understand how atime, mtime and ctime filesystem metadata writes slows down the Linux server. Understanding the concept of barrier mount option and when to disable it and how it increases Linux servers performance, safely.

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13 thoughts on “How Increasing Linux Servers Performance by 30% – Networknuts

  1. Honestly? This is not really helping. The title is misleading. I wonder what RH support would tell me if would open a case about problems with FS and barrier is disabled. 30 minutes of live time that I cannot get back.

  2. Alok,First, thank you for the video. This looked very interesting so I checked a little further into it. Your suggestions may have become a little dated.1. "relatime": This is the default value in Red Hat 6 and later, and so does not need to be set. Prior to Red Hat 6, the mount option is not supported. In Red Hat 5, there is "noatime". The difference is that noatime does not update the atime at all (according to the man page). Not quite the same as "relatime". :/ "barrier=0": Red Hat is no longer recommending this, as they do not consider the performance gain (3%) to be worth the risk. again, Jeff

  3. Hi Alok, I am from mumbai and worked with north indian company drishti-soft. To be honest, i didnt have good memories with this company because the seniors guys out there are seriously dickheads and Assholes but they pretend to be linux gurus.
    So somewhere in my mind I generalize this and think about all north indian guys are dickhead and assholes.
    Thanks to you, you prove me wrong and i really admire your knowledge. Please keep up the good work.

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