HOW-TO: Create a Master Control Panel on Windows 7

This is a quick Tip/Trick video you guys can use to create your own Windows 7 Master Control Panel which gives you full access to ALL control panel options within one simple window.

The steps to make your own Master Control Panel are as follows:

1) Go to your desktop or wherever you would like to make your Master Control Panel icon, right click an empty spot within the Desktop or Folder – Choose New – Choose Folder

2) Within the Name Field of your new folder you just created, Copy and…

3 thoughts on “HOW-TO: Create a Master Control Panel on Windows 7

  1. this is the result of copying your code: Master Control Panel.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E-­01C}

    there is an additional hypen (-) between E and 0 in the last part of the code. it must be removed to take effect. BUT I GOT IT ALREADY. thank you!

    note uploader: there is an additional hyphen (-) in your posted code when i pasted it that's why nothing happens when i tried it once. i removed the hyphen and then it worked as you said. God bless!

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