How to Create a Portable Virtual Windows 7

The idea of portable windows 7 is that it don’t need any installation, they don’t add anything to your registry.

What is portable Windows?



32 thoughts on “How to Create a Portable Virtual Windows 7

  1. Hey Miguel, i have VirtualBox portable installed in the external drive but when i click to open virtualBox a message pops out saying, Please start VirtualBox again, so that all paths can be adapted. but on the bottom right hand corner another messages pops quickly and goes saying Right Click to See the Menu. but when i Right click no Menu shows up. what do i do here, can you please help. thank you

  2. Is a product key needed for the Windows 7? Can this run on a Windows Vista Home Premium based Dell Inspiron PC without corrupting the resident Vista OS?
    I have been experimenting with a USB flash drive with no success so far..

  3. How about partitioning flashdrive for windows 7 to install it directly on windows 7??? I directly tried to partition kali linux on flash drive and I could boot on it directly using bios boot sequence

  4. Great video Miguel, I subbed ya! So I have an old Acer Laptop which has an 80 GB hard drive can I use this on there with my Win 7 Disk to get it working again? Or at least use it as an external hard drive? Right now it is pretty much worthless as I deleted the original MBR which was Windows XP my first computer. Unfortunately I threw that disk away thinking I would never use XP ever again! Live and Learn! Man!

    I wish I had that Microsoft Windows XP disk today..Thanks for your reply my friend..

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