How to fix all Windows 7 Font problems

This video will show you how to fix all font problems in Windows 7, or Vista. Just follow the on screen directions and download the necessary files and your computer or laptop will be back to normal. Don’t forget to subscribe, thumbs up and comment.
Original Windows 7 Fonts (320 files)

38 thoughts on “How to fix all Windows 7 Font problems

  1. It didn't work. The font issues span across chrome, ff, and ie. I appreciate your quick fix-torial. Edit: It ended up being the sharpness setting on my external monitor. It somehow got turned way up, but that little tweak fixed it for me.

  2. I am not able to move the new default fonts I downloaded into the font folder on my PC, when I drag them they wont copy over… and I tried cut and paste, it wont allow it to go there.  It seems my fonts are locked, even in the settings section to "restore default fonts" it wont allow me to click "ok" to make that occur,  the OK button is not highlighted to be click'albe. Any help is appreciated, all my fonts are weird on my PC now and sizing in browsers is very big.

  3. I followed your directions on your video, but I may have not followed a direction after the download and I'm now completely clueless of what to do next. I remember downloading a program called WinZip in order to get the fonts I wanted but I think I may have gone the wrong directions.

    Any help would be great appreciated a lot.

  4. omg…. that actually worked!!! dude u saved my life.. ive been dealing with this font issue for like 2 months now atleast.. (this fix is for people whose experiencing some font issues when opening a program, internet:chrome etc.., and anything else thats font related. ive done regedit etc etc and non have worked…

    anyways thanks a bunch man!

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