How to fix unknown usb device (device descriptor request failed)Windows 10/8/7 – 2 Methods

Solution: how to fix unknown USB device (device descriptor request failed) -USB device not recognized issue error 43 in windows 10/8/7. here I am showing simple 2 methods to fix request for the USB device descriptor failed or USB device not recognized problems in windows 10/windows 8/windows 7.this tutorial works for Windows OS any version 2018-23017. I hope this video will be helpful to you.

Note: Sometimes this issue happens due to U.S.B cable so, by changing the U.S.B cable may fix your…

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  1. I have been going to as many forms and youtube videos as possible to let people know. If the 3 or so methods do not work, PLEASE! disconnect everything USB possible from the system. you likely have something in a cable causing problems. Even if it means using a PS2 Keyboard and mouse. I fought with this issue for months. It got so bad, detecting and removing the USB device, that I could not play or listen to anything audio it was happening so quickly. That Damn tone over and over and over again. Anyway I digress. It is very likely a cable that you have for a device. the cable may also not even be attached to anything. I had one cable I used simply to charge my Samsug head set. while it would charge the head set properly, windows would continue to detect and remove some random usb device. Even while the headset was not attached. I still received it. As soon as I unplugged that particular cable. Gone, BLISS! NO MORE ALERTS!!!! "unknown usb device (device descriptor request failed)" GONE!! I attempted to make it come back over and over. Only after I reattached that one cable, did the problem come back. I tested this on my laptop. HEY!!! the problem followed me! so yes. If all else failed. Please check your cables. that is likely the problem.

  2. Hey i have one little problem when i put 2 or more usb in pc aftfer 10-15 min sound and mouse stop working i put mouse and speakers and one more usb for michrophone and headphones can u help me ?

  3. Iv'e tried all the supposed fixes, Troubleshooting ' Updating drivers ' Uninstalling drivers , ..none of them worked and it's pointless asking Microsoft they want your soul and $122 before they'll help

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