How to Fix Windows 10 Flashing Screen

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37 thoughts on “How to Fix Windows 10 Flashing Screen

  1. GUYS
    if this method doesn’t work for you UPDATE YOUR GRAPHIC DRIVERS
    Go into safe mode
    Right click windows icon
    Device manager
    Display adaptors
    Update everything underneath there


  2. So for me I did not do the safe mode but instead I directly did the task manager and there should be a start new task option and I typed msconfig after I checked run all services and unchecked the two programs and it fixed it for me

  3. Thank you so much. I was so frustrated after I downloaded start 10 and the blinking started to happen. You have saved me so much time and now money cause I don't have to bring it somewhere to be repaired. High five.

  4. im doing the samething but not with safe mode , and there was a problem windows old cant login pc and i restart it but then blue screen comes out and i press ctrl+alt+del and back login again

    is it safe to keep it like this ?

    because it only flashing less for me

  5. Ughhh thank you so much, sending lots of good wishes your way. My laptop is only a few months old, 3 tops, and it’s a giant graphics one. Before it used to only flicker if I was watching videos full screen, but today it started flickering like crazy, from complete blackout and back to normal 5 times every second. I couldn’t see anything. Thanks so much, it looks like it’s fixed for now!

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