How to fix windows 10 update stuck when downloading/updating

Here I am showing how to fix windows 10 update assistant stuck when downloading/updating at 0/99/100 or any percent 2018-2017. In this video, I am showing on Microsoft Windows 10 -anniversary edition but according to this method, you can fix this issue using windows 10 later update version 2018.
this tutorial I am fixing windows upgrade or update stuck at 99% but it works for any percentages when downloading the update via windows update assistant. After watching this video you can find the…

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  1. This will no longer work for build 1511. According to Microsoft if you have build 1511 you can no longer upgrade to 1709 and keep your data and programs. You have to do a clean install.

    I located earlier version of Media Creation Tool here:

    Thinking I could use an earlier version and upgrade a customers computer from 1511 to 1607. My first attempt was to run the iso from boot up and select Repair and then Upgrade. This gave me a message saying to remove the media and restart the computer. Once restarted into Windows the next step was to run the iso from there. After a few screens you get a screen the says Choose what to keep.
    A. Personal files, apps and Widows settings.
    B. Personal files only
    C. Nothing
    Guess what A. and B. are grayed out.

    I have ran all of the basic troubleshooting techniques that I know of.
    SFC /scannow
    Renaming folders
    I have even wrote a few batch files so this task in the future would be quicker and easier on my customers pockets. Microsoft's support staff only know of one way to update to 1709 from 1511 is a clean install. This was not a well planned OS.

    I have no problem installing a fresh OS but this customer has software that he cannot replace.

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