how to get windows 10 Mobile fall Creator update on any windows phone

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Step 1 Download interop tool from this website
step 2 download this
Step 3 you need to turn on the developer option by going to Settings Update & Security For Developer Select Developer Mode and select yes when prompted. This enables side-loading of…

33 thoughts on “how to get windows 10 Mobile fall Creator update on any windows phone

  1. Hi, i have a question that i also have 535 and i also did this unofficial upgrade. But on my device, on random times when i hit the power button to open my phone, there sometimes comes a full black screen and nothing could be seen such as lockscreen, nav bar but they did respond when i touch their own places. So did this issue also occurs with you? Can you help me what can i do for it?

  2. im using a lumia 535 and did this trick and updated but now at 22% its says low storage needs 740mb to continue…..i literally have notjing to uninstall on my phone memory ……can u tell me a way install updates on my sd card or some other way………

  3. there's no use of insider preview cause they've stopped providing any early update to old lumias such as 925 and 1020 running windows 8.1. so even if I download insider preview and check for updates it says my device is up to date.

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