How to install dual boot Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on Mac OS X

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Download links:
1. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS image
2. UNetbootin USB installer
3. refind-bin-0.10.3

1. Download Ubuntu image (link in the description).
2. Download and install the UNetbootin USB installer (link In the description).
3. Plug in USB drive to your computer (at least 2 GB…

25 thoughts on “How to install dual boot Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on Mac OS X

  1. Someone has already asked this, but I'll ask again, hoping to draw more attention to this issue: what should I do if Startup Manager (holding option while restarting) does not recognize the reformatted USB drive?

  2. Unetbootin w OS X nie widzi pendriva. Próbowałem formatować w Fat, Fat32, z tabelą MBR i GPT i nic. Pendrive utworzony na windowsie jest niewidoczny w boot managerze. Mac z Core Duo z 2005 roku, jakieś pomysły jak na nim linuxa postawić?

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