how to play your windows games in Linux Steam (OUTDATED)

Steamplay is a much better way to play windows game now on steam.

this does not work for evey one and does not seem to work all the time. and it can work with playonlinux.
its been a long time from the last video. i am not use to this but i hope you find this use full.
just as a note:i did say a lot of thing wrong.

23 thoughts on “how to play your windows games in Linux Steam (OUTDATED)

  1. I'm very thankful for this video. I'm just not sure why sometimes Linux has to be so complicated it would be nice if companies took some time to make their programs more compatible with Linux instead of being lazy shits and leaving it for other people to do.

  2. I have get Win steam and its games but now I want change my OS win to Ubuntu Gnome, from Steam I buy ( Americantrucksiulator ; Eurotrucksimulator ; 18 wheels of steel Extreme Trucker 2 ; 18 wheels of steel American Long Haul ; 18 wheels of steel Haulin ; Rig'n'Roll ; Spintries ; Trucks & Trailers ; Scania Truck Driving Simulators ; Drit 3 ; Grid 2 ; City Car Driving and many more ) all are Windows based games please check your side make youtube videos how to install through Win / linux steam and Run games My Email:

  3. Playing on Linux is simple , to play on Linux first you need this and then after that you need to do that and after you do that you need to change this in to that and then do this after that and after that you need to do this and after this you can hope that will work.
    Guys 3 years old games are today so cheap that you can buy one game peer month for your Xbox or Playstation.
    This is just insane and stupid.
    yeah you can play games on linux free but your TIME is wasted to get start just one game , now imagine that you have in your mind to play minimum 10 games you like…lol

  4. Great Work Man. I never thought I'd ever see the day, lol. It's happenin' that's for sure. It'll be great when as a gamer you can burn everything related to Microsoft. Linux is just so solid. All it would take is a well placed advertisement showing all the the feature Linux has to offer, and Apple stock would fall faster than Icarus.

  5. i just hate i have to shell out $120 for windows because i choose to upgrade my PC and my Pre-installed windows 8 don't recognize the motherboard i have now witch means i cant activate windows anymore leaving me with less control over my PC so i switch to linux and to my surprise it was 100% free but i did donate.

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