Moving and Copying Files and Directories in Linux

Covers the mv and cp commands.

28 thoughts on “Moving and Copying Files and Directories in Linux

  1. I'm sorry but are you crazy or what? I want to try to understand you. Please do your stuff in simple words and simple sentence and simple talk why your video so headache?

  2. even though I've programmed, even in assembly code, and yes used bash, and linux etc in the past. I wound up deleting my virtual machine attempts as after all the thought that was put into getting DSL or any version working was complete, no one considered that someone might want to surf safely, get a file, then put that file in the host OS EASILY with no hassles. No hooking up two machines to network, or pen drives that don't show up etc. Someone who just wants to use linux that wants to move all their files around in that world is fine. But it shouldn't take more than 24 hours to figure out how to transfer a downloaded file through virtualbox to windows for example. And it's not about being "smart", otherwise they'd made you type a bunch of bash commands just to launch the games or pre-installed firefox. And you can resize the resolution, but then your usb mouse won't work… talking latest modern hardware here. idk, maybe it all works great on a 1992 computer. But I should be able to download a file, mount a usb thumb drive, tell it to move that file to the thumb drive, then lose scope and give mouse to host, then grab it. Better, are the menus that have host to machine, machine to host, and bi-directional. THEY SHOULD WORK!

    For all the Sheldons out with too much time on their hands, the idea was to make these things easy. I realize there are complex things, and one must work to learn and earn, to get benifits. but transfering files should work easily. And if not, there should be articles on how to do that, EASILY. Not after 24 modifications, and a zillion shell commands. If you just want to surf or stay in linux world, DSL is nice. But for getting files, it's a piece of shit. Sorry. and so are all the explanation, videos, articles too. It's the truth. And then when you look, sadly, most people want to boot damn small linux from a usb drive, not move files. No easy file dropper method. Email in low resolution (should have higher resolutions with working mouse), is terrible and didn't work. network… well we shouldn't even have to go there when you have virtualbox with bi-directional moves, even hinting at drag and drop. There are nerds, and then, Sheldon, super-nerds who aren't smart enough to realize that after they figure it out, they think everyone will just know it… Or want to spend days to transfer a freaking file. So now I just virtualbox different versions of windows, put in a partition, and use acronis true image, to reset should something happen. But it's so much larger. What a joke for those who want to casually surf and maybe get files back and forth. I'm surprised they don't make you run bash commands just to launch firefox… they do to move files. After all these years A JOKE is what it all is. And now another video to move files within linux, as if everyone wants to stay in that world and just LOVES loves LoVES THAT OS for everything. OMG. sorry for the rant, but this is crazy. I'm smart enough to figure it out, but finally at a point in life where I have too many things to do.

  3. need help with photorec , after a 2 tb  hard drive recovery  I encountered a problem, I do not know how to sort the contents of 4000 directory , because to go to each directory will take forever , must be a way out using wild cards , I tried and I failed ,I tried Google it and I failed . What i want is sort files : documents ,video,pictures .please help

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