My school blocked HTTPS on Linux

If you are a network administrator, please don’t do this.

8 thoughts on “My school blocked HTTPS on Linux

  1. Lol I'm not even allowed to use a linux live usb at my school because of security reasons. You're quite lucky to actually have your own computers in school in America, unlike how we have dedicated, locked down school desktops here in England.

  2. for schools and military and other businesses they normally install credentials for sites you can and can't visit, it easier to maintain than a domain blocker this way cause people would just use a proxy to get around the domain blocker, this is how the army does it on government computers. back when i was a kid they still used domain blockers at my school. runescape everyday in computer class lol

  3. Linux is definitely quicker when it comes to hacking and is easier to hack with , but you could also hack with Windows such as DDos. I do not condone these activities in any illegal fashion :p

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