PhotoKey 6 Pro – Photoshop Integration

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One of the powerful new features of PhotoKey 6 Pro is integration with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS6. In this video, Axel Wilkinson demonstrates how to use the workflow to enhance your green screen photography.

PhotoKey 6 and PhotoKey 6 Pro are the most powerful and flexible green screen solutions for photographers.

11 thoughts on “PhotoKey 6 Pro – Photoshop Integration

  1. the program these perfect I do not understand why if I want to put a background want it to look all I see in the background when I put it in the program, the program cuts my background or I can not adjust to make it look full

  2. You can shoot on a white background but you will probably find it more difficult than using a green screen.
    The order of effectiveness of background colour is usually green, blue, red, black and then white. The simple reason for this is that no-one has a green tinge to their skin and so there is much less chance of accidentally keying out part of the face etc.

    PhotoKey will not, for this reason, be able to key out multi-coloured backgrounds. Hope this helps!

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