Reviewing the Athena Eos 3 (it ships with elementaryOS) | The Linux Gamer

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24 thoughts on “Reviewing the Athena Eos 3 (it ships with elementaryOS) | The Linux Gamer

  1. I enjoyed the beginning segment.
    It felt odd since I expected you to do the review right away, but it was cool!

    As for the PC you reviewed, highly interesting case and cooling solution.
    It's like one giant cooling block with the components actually inside.

    I am not sure however if many would buy it for that price, especially with just the i3 and 1050 inside.

  2. Yikes, that part at the beginning was bad, really bad. It's exactly what you would expect from the typical computer, let's say, "enthusiast." I mean, me and my buddies are always doing goofy crap like that just NOT on camera. This ranks right up there with Level1Tech's "The Silicon Court" episode. So please don't stop doing skits, they're AMAZING! LOL!!!!

  3. Over $1,500 for an i3-8100 1050 8GB system is highway robbery. Even if someone didn’t want to build their own PC, they could get a similarly spec prebuild new system for like $600(maybe less). The only reason why this is getting a favorable review is because it comes preloaded with Linux. That’s letting fanboy-ism blind you at that point.

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