Run Linux Inside Windows

***NEW PROJECT*** Mini Lunchbox Arcade - –~–
This will show you how you can load and run Ubuntu Linux on Windows without even having to restart your computer. The links used in this tutorial are listed below: – (172.9 MB) – (697.9MB) – (23.2KB)

21 thoughts on “Run Linux Inside Windows

  1. Hi I couldnt make a video to save my life, but just my humble opinion, I could do with out the music, or atleast make the volume very minimal. Thank you for the upload. Great info.

  2. Pretty awesome tutorial!



    -VirtualBox is much better
    -Comodo blocked VMWare as a virus. I submitted, but nothing happened, even when Comodo said they would fix it.

  3. lol..ubuntu is a really large file? shit..if you call 700 ish megs a large file for an entire operating system that can run stride for stride and often faster than xp. and hell sometimes faster than win 7 x64. if 700 is a LARGE file large enough to complain about..then ya dont have the money to spend on even the cheapest hardware to BUILD a simple computer to run Ubuntu on let alone windows

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