Sharp AQUOS LCD TV via DLNA and WINDOWS 7 Network

Short description how to integrate your Sharp AQUOS LCD TV via DLNA and Windows 7 into your home network.

19 thoughts on “Sharp AQUOS LCD TV via DLNA and WINDOWS 7 Network

  1. Hello
    I have a problem with my SHARP LC-42LE760E

    80% of the films are not read correctly by the TV and the problem is that the TV can not recognize the CODEC Sound! ie: I have the image of the film but no SOUND comes out!

    I notice two things:
    1- The last update of the TV date in July 2014 and I do not find it normal that Sharp does not send a new update from 2014
    2- The A52 Audio Codec (aka AC3) is a codec used in over 90% of the films and of course as a hazzard my TV is unable to read the
    Please Mr help me find a real solution to this problem

  2. Does anyone know if it works the other way round? I normally use a dlna app on my phone to stream i.ex. pictures from my phone to the TV. But my TV doesn't show up in the app (Skifta). The TV is online, i can watch youtube etc. without a problem.

  3. Does the Sharp 80" LED Internet TV support streaming from NAS devices? In particular I have a few D-Link DNS-323s with a library of video files. I have one other brand TV that sees and streams from these just fine. I also have a newer version of the other brand that sees the drive but does not see any of the files. How about the Sharp?

  4. The only thing this did not cover is MAC address filtering. If use MAC filtering White list Black List. you will need to get the MAC address from the Aquos WIFI and add it to the MAC Filter white list of your router.

  5. I see that your TV finds the server quite easily when connected wirelessly. My question is is your PC connected to your router through a wired connection. My network works fine when my PC is connected to my router through a wired connection. But no server is found when connected through the wireless network.

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