Should I Learn LINUX with the CCNA | CCNP? – Network Engineer

Should I Learn LINUX with the CCNA | CCNP? – Network Engineer

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21 thoughts on “Should I Learn LINUX with the CCNA | CCNP? – Network Engineer

  1. Hey NetworkChuck, I am currently studying for my CCNA and despite the fact that thigs are going well,there is one thing that bothers me after:how do you deal with equipment not made by CISCO?I mean yes,they are the largest in this domain but there are also many more vendors, like Juniper,Ruckus , SOHO manufacturers out there and I am very afraid of meeting these devices and not knowing what to do.On top of that there is the world of custom firmwares,such as OpenWRT,DDWRT,Tomato,PFsense.monowall etc.What is your advice towards my problem?Thanks.

  2. I love Linux, especially Debian. I've been working in IT in the SMB world for 7 years now, just wish they weren't so entrenched in Windows everywhere. It's boring and it de-incentivizes learning Linux since there are literally no Linux VM's are anything I ever touch at work.

  3. I just finished my training course for the Network+, and should be taking it later this month. Found this channel a few days ago, and love the videos so far. I'm about to start my CCENT training course tomorrow, following shortly after that with the CCNA Route & Switch.

    I started on Linux (Slackware) back in college in the early 90's), just playing around on it. Unfortunately I haven't progressed a whole lot beyond that (mainly using the desktop), I'm certainly not admin-level or anything, but I'm definitely better than I was, and the Network+ training got me really using the network tools in Linux also, so…once I'm done with the CCENT and CCNA, sometime later this year, I really want to go for my Linux+ just to really be able to say that I know enough about it to do admin work.

    Awesome channel, can't wait to start watching more of the CCENT/CCNA vids as I go through this training!

  4. Hey Chuck, do a video about wireless, what's your opinion on specializing in wireless along with r&s and which path should one follow, CCNA wireless or cwna and cwnp. Do you think the market demands professionals that also know quite a bit about wireless technology?

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