There’s a Version of Windows 10 Without ANY Bloatware!

Ever wondered if there’s a version Windows 10 without any of the bloatware Microsoft tries to shove down people’s throats? Such a version of Windows 10 exists, and it’s called Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch).

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB evaluation copy download:

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38 thoughts on “There’s a Version of Windows 10 Without ANY Bloatware!

  1. Some additional things about Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB that I didn't mention in this video:

    1. The Current Branch for Business servicing channel, which is an update option for Windows 10, is apparently now known as the Semi-Annual Channel.
    2. Microsoft apparently renamed Long-Term Servicing Branch update option to Long-Term Servicing Channel, but the OS itself is still called Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB.
    3. There's no sticky notes app.
    4. The Windows photo viewer app isn't enabled by default (pictures will open in Paint), but you can enable it with a registry tweak.

  2. Beware of Windows 10 LTSB.
    The 2016 release only supports CPUs up to year 2016. Though it can be install on current CPUs but it won't be optimized as the ones released in 2016.

  3. And, this is why I use Windows 7. I'm glad that there's a version of Windows 10 that has no pre-installed crap, but the fact that it's only available through volume licensing for businesses is very annoying.

  4. It's not necessary to bang on about LTSB is for businesses and isn't suited for home users ect, you only had to say it once but repeated it like over 9000 times, and the truth is this version of Windows is absolutely perfect for people that don't want bloat and broken updates being forced on them, for some reason throughout the video you kept wording things as if this version of Windows is some kind of super secret mysterious version that will explode if someone who isn't part of a business goes near it.

  5. The solution to MS' greed + stupidity + atrocity is nothing but illegal cracks and bypasses for activation . I don't support it , never endorse it , but people do and shall protest against tyranny of any kind ?

  6. How can I make windows 10 pro workstation like this my dad has a business is there a way he could get this? He does seo and how fast is it I play a lot of games if it’s slow I might as well get windows 10 pro for workstation and what much yachadated yam do I need for serrrverrr

  7. What a great version! Hundreds of times better than normal Windows 10, had to do some tinkering (disabling telemetry, some services etc.), but still very nice version! Compared to my Windows 7 VM (ran this Windows on a VM to check it out before using it on my host), this is a lot faster and it's using even less RAM – less than 800MB on x64! I recommend this over other versions of Windows 10 and if you want to get a non-evaluation version and have an activated Windows, there's a page on Reddit about installing Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016.

  8. I work for an IT provider and we look after a large architectural firm. They wanted to move to Windows 10 so we used three machines as a guinea pig on the standard Enterprise (CBB). They hated it because of the UWP apps (they obviously didn't want Candy Crush on production PCs) and were about to abandon the rollout altogether and stick with Windows 7. We took the three machines back and reimaged them with LTSB 2016 which went much better and is now the standard for all new deployments. So while we gave two fingers to Microsoft's recommendation of not using it for general purpose systems, at the end of the day it was either LTSB or stay with Windows 7.

  9. If I ever get to switch from Ubuntu to Windows 10 again, this would be my main choice. No bloatware, no telemetry. Finally!! Even if you don’t want me to use it, I’ll do it, because since unfortunately not everyone cares about their storage and privacy, I do. I’ll pirate it if I have to, don’t really care, I’ve pirated several editions of Windows before. Anyway, nice video Bingocat!

  10. Hoenstly I run Ubuntu (latest version) and use Windows 7 ultimate on VMware for video editing. I have to say, I still overall prefer the windows 7 ultimate realease from 2010. Next to no bloatware and endless tweaks, yes even on a vm!! Also better performance in my opinion over windows 10, well at least on VMware

  11. I want to upgrade from Post creators update.
    If I can't get LTSB working I will use pre-creators update enterprise and disable enterprise and remove windows store manually if I must.

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