Tutorial: Pixels- RO Base

Ragnarok Online Pixel Base Tutorial for all your RO pixel desires!
The pencil tool in Adobe Photoshop (It does not matter which version) is your friend!

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Link to sprite simulator: http://ro-character-simulator.ratemyserver.net/

4 thoughts on “Tutorial: Pixels- RO Base

  1. Hey there 😀
    I'd just like to leave so critique~ (gnyahahahaha, i am so evil)
    First, concerning the sprite: this base does look pretty good already, but it could look better. What you should try to avoid is rectangular shapes (eg. in shadows or lighting) or outlines to make them look smoother. No cubes or just chunks of pixels of the same color, but rather that stair-shape on the outside/borders of the shapes, because you don't want rough edges to stick out. Within similar midtones you could also use the checkerboard method to kind of make a gradient, which would also help, but it does show a lot on smaller sprites, so it's not always a good idea to use that method. Do you remember the links I sent you on DA with pixel tutorials? There was on anti-aliasing tutorial, which could really help a lot to make the whole sprite look more smooth.
    Furthermore you should pay more attention to lighting and where the highlights/shadows go. In this case, for example the highlight on her left shoulder and the shadow below it (plus the shadow of her arm on her body) implies that there is a light-source on the left side, above her at about a 45° degree angle from the viewers point of view and 90° from her point of view (it basically lines up with her shoulder).
    Now the shadow under her head and the highlights on her breast show, that there is a light-source on the right side, above her.
    It can be either one, or the other, or maybe both, but then you would have less shadows overall and in neither case would there be a highlight on the forearm of your newly drawn arm. Well and the highlights on the hair also look kind of random 😛
    I know most of the highlights are from the original sprite, but if it looks wrong, we shouldn't leave it like that. I mean even if the light-source is above and in front of her, you would have different highlights/shadows (eg her second leg would also have a highlight and maybe even the feet. besides, the one unter her boob is rather unlikely)
    Now for the commentary: it was nice. Encouraging and funny and informative (when it comes to ps use) at the same time. You did a great job there. You even kinda reminded of Bob Ross here and there XD
    Seeing as this is supposed to be a tutorial, I believe it would be better to go into more detail when it comes to technique. Like, what you do and why you do it, how it should be done, what should one rather avoid. Remember, you want to teach others, not only how to use photoshop, but how to sprite. Now, spriting can be done in a lot of programms, it doesn't have to be ps, you mentioned paint and I believe another one as well, so you could actually leave it out and focus more on the spriting techniques. Because "just fill it in however you like", or "if you want an arm, just draw one" may be understandable for someone who is familiar art and how to draw digitally or even traditionally, but it may be kind of hard for newbies.
    You could give some general tips, like how one could measure the arms length or how to simply copy the other arm, put it on a new layer and rotate it, then just switch the pinky with the thumb and maybe how the arm is bent and done, or something like that (I have no idea how all that works actually, I do my sprites in paint and just draw over the original base all the time).
    Anyhow, this would be my opinion on this tutorial. Feel free to ignore most of it, since it's just something like "the final touch" and I'm kinda a perfectionist (even though I never find my pictures to be anywhere close to perfect ;_;).
    Keep it up, though and show us some more tutorials, on clothing for example (since I can't do clothes for all it's worth X_x)

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