Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Rides Again!

I have spun the Linux Distribution wheel yet again…

Form more about Ubuntu MATE: http://ubuntu-mate.org/

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21 thoughts on “Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Rides Again!

  1. most desktops you can click on your say document folder then after that opens if you want you can click and open say picture file and while they are both open you can drag and drop your files. instead of using the two windows open , cause they are both small , for me anyways. just saying.

  2. Very very nice. Takes me back to my early days of Linux under Fedora 9.

    Recently I was running Kubuntu 14.04 on my fairly modern laptop–but I talked myself into purchasing an old HP desktop from a buddy of mine for $100. I tried Mint 18 KDE on it, but the machine had only half the power of my laptop, so it choked on Plasma 5. Not wanting to have a hundred-dollar machine that I would never use, I decided to give Ubuntu 16.04 MATE a try. It is lightyears better on this older system, although I am having some graphical issues with LibreOffice. Other than that, I have no regrets at all and love this hardware/software combo.

    Great review!


  3. I'm currently running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with the Gnome Classic environment. My question is, since I like the look and feel of the Gnome Classic environment [the one with the menu lists and the top and bottom bars instead of the BS Unity style, would Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS be a better option? Is it any more difficult to use, or is it basically as easy to install and/or run things on? I also have AMD Quad-Core A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics and am using a proprietary driver for it since the Crimson one isn't available for my current distro =/.

  4. Well the developer still can't speak English, all day everyday MATE in the English language is pronounced M8.
    And no idiot American trying to bastardize the language can change that.
    Any fool can say the pronunciation of the word Dish is Darsh, but the true pronunciation is still Dish.
    Matte like Latte is the correct spelling if the pronunciation of the developer is correct.

  5. If there is no toolbar at the bottom how do you re-maximise say the browser after it has been minimised. I minimise and maximise applications all the time. If there is a way of doing this I would like to know because I am not too keen on the lower toolbar either

  6. Nice video! I faced a bug in ubuntu mate 16.04.1, mate 14.1- compiz enabled, cupertino mode.
    For example, If I the open control center and a pdf file. Then I minimized the control center. Now only the pdf file is in maximized state. If I click anywhere in pdf, settings from control center is getting triggered. But the control center is minimized right? Why this is happening? Is it a compiz issue? How to solve this? help please!

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