VORKE V1 PLUS 4K Mini PC Intel J3455 – 4GB + 64GB SSD, WINDOWS 10

VORKE V1 PLUS 4K Mini PC Intel J3455 – 4GB + 64GB SSD, WIN 10
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Upgarde VORKE V1 PLUS:

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27 thoughts on “VORKE V1 PLUS 4K Mini PC Intel J3455 – 4GB + 64GB SSD, WINDOWS 10

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  2. Has anybody tried to dual boot with a Linux distro on this? I have tried about 6 of them and on every one the fan runs flat out 100% of the time, nothing like what it does with the preinstalled W10. I asked Vorke about it- no reply.

    Excellent review

  3. I love your product reviews. I can't decide which to buy between vorke v1 plus or minix neo z83-4 pro. I like them both. Minix has no fan, only 32g and fully license windows. Can you help me pick one?

  4. Awesome review as always, bought an android box via ur link. As for this box can u also run some test on games like witcher 3 or etc.. To complete the review will be much delighted??

  5. C h i g g s I would love to see you too loud load Android 7.1.2 on this Vortec Mini PC but run it like an Android box what it work? Please let me know maybe we could use one of those awesome Android ROMs and show us how to convert this into an awesome Android box fix please let me know what you think and if it's possible and feasible I think this would be a pretty impressive antutu benchmarks as an Android box to and they're always cool things you can do with it as an Android box maybe a Cyanogen 14

  6. Another great video. I really do enjoy these mini PC reviews. This looks good and the speed is just amazing but just a pity you can’t upgrade the ram although from what I have seen it doesn’t have much problems with multi tasking. I think it is great that you get a full operating system like Windows 10 home…..I just don’t how they make these boxes for the price. I think I like the Voyo slightly better because you can upgrade the ram…..but only just. Please reviewing these mini PCs

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