What if you forgot EVERYTHING? – Re-Learning IT after MEMORY LOSS w/ Shawn Powers | Linux | CCNA

Imagine, suddenly, forgetting everything you’ve learned up until this moment. Your wife, your kids, your job…all gone. You’re starting over. That’s exactly what Shawn Powers did!!! Now…he’s a Linux expert and still remembers he’s married 😉



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49 thoughts on “What if you forgot EVERYTHING? – Re-Learning IT after MEMORY LOSS w/ Shawn Powers | Linux | CCNA

  1. Thank you guys I hurt my back 4monuths ago ,I've been pushing my self to do something I've been play around with in my home . PC route and network looking up how to and reading the books about ccnet/cccna trying to get Certified. Thanks for the push 👍

  2. Oh Winsock, 2400 Baud Dialup, Mirc, Netscape 3.01, FTP, The good old days! I really miss my old 80486
    Yahoo, Twofish, Altavista, where the previlent search engines during that time frame in mid to late 90's

  3. Some of us have small excuses. Some of us large. Just have to grind it out. David Bomball is so correct when he says we are so fortunate that we can change our lives so easily by learning new tech through the internet.

    We just have to be willing to grind.

  4. Truly inspirational video and I really love both you guys.
    These type videos are great as we get to see an insight on the personal relationships that people forge and built in IT. This is truly truly vital sometimes being to be able to walk through a scenario or situation or have a second pair of eyes really really helps.

    Talk to people and build relationships. People deal with people and love the human personal touch.

    Truly inspired and love Shaun even more now.

    Thank You Guys!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your story Shawn. So do you think it's possible to have a career based in Linux? What level do you need to get to before you should apply for a sysadmin type role? LPIC 2 or LPIC3?

  6. Great as always.
    Thanks a lot. I commented on a previous video, in a whining & victimizing-myself way.
    I waited for a direct reply from your side. But you did better. You replied with such an inspirational, “excuses-preventing” way.
    I do really appreciate this amazing video reply that you gifted me with.
    All thanks are due to you and Mr. Shawn.
    No more excuses, whining, complaining, circumstances’ blaming anymore.
    It’s really a wake up call & a procrastination shutter type of video.
    Thanks again and always.

  7. Very inspiring…👏👏Not having money shouldn't be an excuse to stop you from reaching your goals.. Thanks Shawn for Sharing 🙂 and Thankyou Chuck for always bringing great stuff 😊😊

  8. Hi Shawn! I've been watching your linux training video since the beginning of this year. Just hearing your story inspires me to continue my linux journey. My coworkers like to laugh at me because I enjoy using linux. Even though I use Windows10 on my workstation PC for gaming. Their mockery isn't enough to prevent me from continuing my journey. Thank you for all of your contributions to the linux community and continue to stay awesome!

  9. Dude I can relate, in April 2018 I had a stroke and lost the ability to retain anything. With therapy, I am almost back to normal and able to resume my education at WGU in December. It is scary S*(& . It is life changing and you feel how fragile life is. It has been an overall positive, now I live in the moment and enjoy every fiber of my existence. Steve Wozniak of Apple fame had a similar situation where, after a private airplane crash a whole portion of his life is a blank. Forgetting everything from 1999 though takes it to an entirely different level of horror. Wow, Shawn thanks for sharing and becoming another example. NetworkChuck thanks for the video your enthusiasm for the subject matter is contagious and uplifting. Have a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2019.

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