Windows 10 and 8.1 Advanced Sharing Files And Folders Tutorial

In Windows 10 (also windows 8.1 and earlier) it is advisable to use precise sharing methods that ensure that only what is intended to be shared is shared and only those who are allowed to access such are able to do so. The following video shows how to setup file and folder sharing using the advanced sharing window, PowerShell and also by using the computer management snap-in.

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19 thoughts on “Windows 10 and 8.1 Advanced Sharing Files And Folders Tutorial

  1. For some reason, the file sharing only works one way through my two PC's. I can see both of them since they have the same settings. If I share something on one, I can move things to it. But the other I can't share files from. When I try to connect to it from the other PC, it say it can't connect to it. :S

  2. I cant see the option to add new share in the share section on the right pull down menu under more actions. The only options get are view refresh export list and help, none of which bring up the wizard. Despite setting up home group repeatedly since an W10 upgrade, no other laptop is visible despite being part of the home group up to that point and able to share files. NO wonder people migrate to Apple. Why don't they test the upgrade prior to forcing it on people and removing a vital option for my work

  3. Woah I think I just did a little code, correct me if I'm wrong but WOAH that was cool. I've been searching for ways to share a folder on onedrive and overlooked other possibilities. Very helpful video, got right into it. Just curious as to how much storage you have in a shared folder.

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