Windows 10 Build 18282 – Light Theme, Fluent Design, Windows Update + MORE

Build 18282 here and it’s packing lots of new UI changes for Insiders to test. Let’s go hands-on!

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44 thoughts on “Windows 10 Build 18282 – Light Theme, Fluent Design, Windows Update + MORE

  1. Wow , nothing great and all these people saying it's a good update?? Have they fix the sound issue and file lost from last update? Nooooooo the force update even when you turned them off . Plus loads more

  2. It was always possible to take a snapshot of only a specific window using "ALT + PRINT_SCREEN" (even before the inclusion of snipping tool, multi-layed clipboard or OneDrive saving screenshots to your cloud), so I don't see how adding this "ability" to the snipping tool is of any importance?

  3. I wish windows design going to get a little bit "round accent" for any corners or edges of all objects, it just feels like hurts smh seeing all that edges so sharp like you holding very precise and a decent square of steel in your hand then it starts hurting you cz it so freaking sharp.

  4. Is there a way in windows 10 to snap a screenshot with keyboard shortcut? Im using program for that, called lightshot, but if it was built in windows 10 would be better. And I do know about the snipping tool, but you have to search it in windows 10. Too slow.

  5. the only thing they update are themes..assholes..since the time i have installed win 10 on my laptop, my wifi driver has stopped working. Every time I reinstall the win 10 OS, wifi works for 1 hour or so and then the wifi driver completely disappears..Microsoft engineers should work on problems like these rather than just changing themes. I mean common judge an OS by its theme, solve really issues at hand Microsoft Engineers..

  6. Light Theme because fuck our eyes, fuck amoled or led displays' lifespan, and more power used so not as good as black for the environment and for mobile devices as well…i mean ok i get it that it has its uses but why do i have to point this to experienced engineers…

  7. Its nice but like its getting too watered down like go and use things like control panel instead of the settings app because you lose so many features and thats the way microsoft is heading washing down features for looks

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