Windows 7 Release Candidate Install

This is a fast walkthrough how I installed Windows 7. Many have asked me what to do. This shows you in less than 5 min what I did to give you an idea.
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20 thoughts on “Windows 7 Release Candidate Install

  1. So if i select windows 7 Upgrade, it will turn my vista into a windows old file right? Or will it make it a dualboot. If u see a notherpost like this on youtube, i made a mistake and tried to cancel it.

  2. why would you need two operating systems on your computer
    so what can your computer do .. well is can run visa or windows 7 ..
    there's no room for a real program …

    Tell me the truth .. witch one has no bugs in it …
    and your answer is windows 8 is looking more promising

  3. Dual boot it, I did it tonight.

    Norton Partition Magic- split XP drive into two partitions.

    Insert Win7 install disk. Choose to install to unallocated space.

    You can now choose to boot to XP or Win7 whenever you turn on PC. By doing this you don't lose apps or files.

  4. After partitioning the drive you have Win7 installed on the C drive and a block of unallocated space (do not format this in disk management).

    Insert Vista install disk, you should be able to choose the unallocated space to install to as part of the install process.

    Once you have two OS's installed simultaneously you choose which to load in a simple menu when you power on PC.

  5. Well if you don't want to backup you can temporarily make a dual boot system. Use a program like Norton Partition Magic to split your hard drive into 2 partitions (one with your XP) and half unallocated. When you run Win7 Installer select the unallocated space to install to. Copy files across after Win7 is installed, then use device manager to format your XP partition, and then combine them both.

    Sounds like a difficult process, but can be done in about an hour. Good luck.

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